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This is Warwickshire's Forum of Bus and Coach Operators Since 1945

In over 60 years Warwickshire has seen many changes to it's bus and coach operators. Some remain, but others have gone. A few had reached the end of their natural 'lives', whilst others were taken over by bigger or expanding companies. New ones have commenced operations, some to thrive and grow, others to fall by the wayside.

The purpose of this forum is to preserve the memory as many bus and coach operators from the post-World War II period as possible.

For the purposes of the forum, Warwickshire is the County as it existed before 1 April 1974 when the 'West Midlands County' was created.

Since the forum was launched in December 2009, members identified over 350 Warwickshire bus and coach operators, including a some non-PSV and traders, both past and present. Please join the forum and help create a record of all the bus and coach operators of Warwickshire!

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